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HDF is the prescribed format for standard data products that are derived from EOS missions. HDF-EOS (Hierarchical Data Format - Earth Observing System) is a self-describing file format for transfer of various types of data between different machines based upon HDF. HDF-EOS is a standard format to store data collected from EOS satellites: Terra, Aqua and Aura. Two versions of HDF-EOS libraries: HDF-EOS2 based on HDF4 and HDF-EOS5 based on HDF5 are developed.

This site is dedicated to information about HDF-EOS and about tools available to view or work with HDF-EOS and other NASA HDF files. Programming(C, Fortran, IDL® and MATLAB®) and tool examples to access HDF-EOS and other NASA HDF files are also available. It also hosts an archive of presentations made at an annual HDF/HDF-EOS workshop.

The EOS program's remote sensing technology and data products are unique NASA contributions to the scientific study of the Earth. EOS missions include those listed in the following charts (click on chart to see details):

For more information about NASA's role in Earth science, see the EOS Project Science Office website.

For more information about HDF, see The HDF Group website.


  • HDF4 to CF Conversion Toolkit 1.0 is released. See what's new. (1/10/2015)
  • HDF5 OPeNDAP Handler 2.2.3 is released. See what's new. (11/04/2014)
  • HDF4 OPeNDAP Handler 3.11.6 is released. See what's new. (11/04/2014)
  • PyHDF example is updated. (10/08/2014)
  • MISR Terrain-projected product examples are added. (08/08/2014)
  • Slides and final agenda for HDF/HDF-EOS Workshop XVII is available. (07/11/2014)
  • HDF-EOS plug-in 2.10 is available. (06/05/2014)
  • SCF/MTD Toolkit 5.2.19 is released. (3/26/2014)

  • HDF-EOS Plug-in can convert HDF-EOS2 file to HDF-EOS5 file.


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