2012 The HDF Group Fall Visit Briefing

Oct 16-Oct 17, 2012
Raytheon Riverdale - Capital Room


Day 1 (Tuesday)
Speaker Organization Topic Presentation
Mike Folk, Elena Pourmal, Kent Yang The HDF Group HDF Project Update Presentation
Kent Yang and Joe Lee The HDF Group Support EOS:Review and Discussions Presentation
Abe Taaheri Raytheon IIS HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues Presentation
Mike Folk, Elena Pourmal, Kent Yang, Larry Knox, Albert Cheng The HDF Group HDF Group Support for NPP/JPSS Presentation
Kent Yang, Joe Lee, Mike Folk The HDF Group HDF OPeNDAP support Presentation

Day 2 (Wednesday)
Speaker Organization Topic Presentation
Kent Yang, Mike Folk, Gerd Herber, Elena Pourmal The HDF Group HDF Support for NASA Data Producers Presentation
Mike Folk, Kent Yang, Elena Pourmal The HDF Group EOSDIS User survey follow-up Presentation
Mike Folk, Ruth Aydt The HDF Group HDF4 Mapping Status and Proposal Presentation

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