Several examples are provided to access HDF-EOS files via HDF-EOS libraries and tools.


Main page about this section: Comprehensive Examples

We provide a comprehensive list of complete programming examples in NCL, IDL, and MATLAB for various NASA HDF/HDF-EOS products like MODIS, AIRS, TRMM, CERES, MISR, GSSTF, Aquarius, NPP VIIRS, SeaWiFS, etc.


Main page about this section: Library Examples

We provide examples on how to access HDF-EOS Grid and Swath files using programming languages such as C, Fortran, IDL external and MATLAB external. Special examples such as retrieving geo-location information from an HDF-EOS Grid file are also provided.

A few general examples to access HDF-EOS Grid and Swath objects are listed below.


Main page about this section: Tool Examples

Examples are also provided on how to use some widely used tools to access HDF-EOS files. Current examples include HEG, IDV via OPeNDAP and GrADS via OPeNDAP .

Last modified: 06/17/2013
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