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Unread 02-17-2012, 10:36 AM
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Default SCF Toolkit 5.2.18 and related software are officially released!


SCF Toolkit 5.2.18 and related software are officially released
The release contains SCF Toolkit 5.2.18, HDF-EOS 2.18, HDF-EOS 5.1.14.
The HDF4 support is at HDF4.2.6 and HDF5 support is at hdf5-1.8.8.

The following tar files have been placed on the EDHS ftp site (ftp to
edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov and change directory to edhs) in the directories as identified:






These files are accessible through anonymous ftp site edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov
or can be downloaded directly from ftp://edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov/edhs
The User's Guides will also be at our web site
http://newsroom.gsfc.nasa.gov/sdptoolkit/toolkit.html, besides the ftp site.

We tested the code with our provided test drivers, and with several
user-provided codes for TOOLKIT, HDF-EOS, and HDF-EOS5.

Below is a list of pertinent problems/resolutions contained in the released.
The relevant NCR for each fix has been provided. Please access the ECS TestTrack Pro
webpage (password required) for additional details.

8050170 Added capability to install Toolkit/HDF-EOS in threadsafe
mode for Linux and MacIntel (32 and 64-bit)
8049524 15-arc second DEM elevation and land/water mask data
support in Toolkit
8050150 15-arc second DEM and Land/water data conversion to
hdfeos format for use with DEM tools in TOOLKIT
8050101 Use of gfortran for f90 DAAC TOOLKIT compilation instead of PGF90
8050115 Capability for adding new C and FORTRAN flags to TOOLKIT on
installation command line
8050200 Support for HDF4 version 4.2.6 and HDF5 version 1.8.8
8049831 A few fixes for correct handling of unlimited dimension in hdfeos5
8050204 New Toolkit style INSTALL scripts for HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS5

Some notes concerning this and previous releases:

1. Our TOOLKIT install scripts try to install zlib, jpeg, and szip before
attempting to install HDF4 or HDF5. With this release of HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS5
this feature was added to HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS5 installation scripts. So if
the usres try new INSTALL script in HDF-EOS or HDF-EOS5, they will have a
chance to install or re-install zlib, jpeg, szip, HDF4, and HDF5 before
installing HDF-EOS or HDF-EOS5 in supported platforms.

2. HDF4 supports szip with HDF4.2.5 release. Our installation scripts can now
configure HDF4 with szip. This may require TOOLKIT/HDF-EOS users to
include szip related header/library files in their makefiles that used to work
with the HDF4 versions prior to the HDF4.2.5 release.

3. If users install zlib, jpeg, HDF4 and HDF-EOS independent from the TOOLKIT
installation and they do not intend to install TOOLKIT, They may require
either to modify their existing makefiles to include relevant path/files for
zlib (szip and jpeg) header and library files, or to copy those files to relevant
directories in HDF4.

4. As with the previous release we support CYGWIN, and Mac Intel 32-bit in
addition to the Power Mac OSX, linux (32 and 64-bit), sun5.10, and Windows
(hdfeos only). With this release we added support for Mac Intel 64-bit.
Please note that 32bit installation cannot be made in IA64 platforms since
the compiler does not support -m32 flag.
Also like the previous release HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EO5 can be auto-configured,
so that if users do not require TOOLKIT, or want to try new platforms, they
could install HDF-EOS2/HDF-EOS5 separate from TOOLKIT.

5. Like the previous releases the szip decoder will be installed as default.
Users will have the choice also to have szip encoder installed during decoder

6. Starting with the release 5.2.16 of TOOLKIT users can get core metadata
in XML format in addition to the ODL format. To get both *.met and *.xml
files user need to modify their PCF file adding 3 lines


(as shown in the template PCF file in the runtime directory of TOOLKIT) and
setting XML METADATA GENERATION FLAG to 1. If PCF does not include the line


or flag is set to zero (as above), toolkit should work as in the previous
versions, creating only ODL metadata. If XML flag is set to 1 in the PCF file,
then TOOLKIT will produce .xml besides the .met file for INVENTORY metadata
and also will write XML metadata into the HDF file in the "xmlmetadata" global
attribute as for the coremetadata.

In the last release we created a new style sheet
(TOOLKIT/database/common/MET/TKGran2HTM.xsl) that when used with some client
tools, can transform granule level SDP TOOLKIT produced XML metadata files
for display.

7. In previous release we added dimension scale setting and retrieving to
hdfeos and hdfeos5. Functions added were:
hdfeos :
SWsetdimscale(), SWgetdimscale(), SWsetdimstrs(), SWgetdimstrs()
GDsetdimscale(), GDgetdimscale(), GDsetdimstrs(), GDgetdimstrs()
HE5_SWsetdimscale(), HE5_SWgetdimscale(), HE5_SWwritedscaleattr(),
HE5_SWreaddscaleattr(), HE5_SWinqdscaleattrs(), HE5_SWdscaleattrinfo()
HE5_GDsetdimscale(), HE5_GDgetdimscale(), HE5_GDwritedscaleattr(),
HE5_GDreaddscaleattr(), HE5_GDinqdscaleattrs(), HE5_GDdscaleattrinfo()
HE5_ZAsetdimscale(), HE5_ZAgetdimscale(), HE5_ZAwritedscaleattr(),
HE5_ZAreaddscaleattr(), HE5_ZAinqdscaleattrs(), HE5_ZAdscaleattrinfo()

For details please see the HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS5 Users Guides (volume 2), and
sample C and Fortran codes in hdfeos/sample or hdfeos5/sample directories of
the distributions.
Please also note that in HDF-EOS5 the hdf5 dimension scale related routines
are in libhdf5_hl.a library. Therefore, starting with HDF-EOS5.1.13 you may
require adding this library (in addition to libhdf5.a) into your HDF-EOS5
application makefiles.

8. Our latest release of HDF-EOS to HDF-EOS5 converter supports conversion of
dimension scales and hybrid hdfeos files (containing objects written by HDF
in addition to the HDF-EOS).

9. This release of TOOLKIT supports access to new 500 m (15-arc second) DEM
elevation, land/water, and standard deviation of elevation data. The elevation
data released by USGS in late 2011 and we converted them to hdfeos format for
TOOLKIT use. The data files can be downloaded from our ftp site
Please note that the 15-arc second elevation and std. dev. elevation data were
not available for Antarctica and Greenland, therefore, the hdfeos DEM data
files for this resolution have data with zero or fill value for these regions.
We may add new 30-arc second data for these regions to TOOLKIT data in the
next release if we see demand for it.

Note On EDHS Disk: recently EDHS was moved on to a linux box. This move added
another directory to the path of TOOLKIT/HDF-EOS related software. Please
change directory to "edhs" once you ftp to edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov site. All the
Toolkit/HDF-EOS directories are in that directory.

For Toolkit, HDF-EOS and other related software please visit our web site

Please report any problems or suggestions to mailto:Landover_PGSTLKIT@raytheon.com
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