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Unread 07-16-2012, 04:18 PM
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Default HDF-EOS5 to netCDF4 augmentation tool 2.3 released

This is a maintenance release. We didn't add any new features in this tool except updating the source code to HDF5 1.8 APIs. We greatly update the documents for users to learn how to use this tool correctly, how to build this tool smoothly and how to validate the augmented file easily. We also add 64-bit binary static executable.

You can find source code tar ball, static binaries and documents like readme, usage and validation under http://hdfeos.org/software/aug_eos5/

If you are new to this tool, the detailed description web page of this tool is a good start.

Detailed highlights of this release:

1. Upgrade the source code to HDF5 1.8 APIs. The current release will not support HDF5 1.6 anymore.
2. Re-organize the directories. unittest directory is removed. Add two new directories:
validprog and examples.
One can check the tool with sample files under the examples directory. Follow the simple readme under the examples directory to check.
The source code and makefile template for the validation program have been moved to the validprog directory.
3. Update makefile.augment and makefile.check for manually building the tool.
4. Completely rewrite readme, validation and usage docs.
5. Provide a 64-bit static binary at http://hdfeos.org/software/aug_eos5/bin/linux64
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