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HDF-EOS libraries are software libraries built on HDF libraries. It supports three data structures for remote sensing data: Grid, Point and Swath. There are two versions of HDF-EOS libraries: HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5. There are also other libraries and programming interfaces that can be used to access NASA HDF and HDF-EOS data.


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Dozens of tools and detailed decriptions on how to use these tools to access NASA HDF and HDF-EOS data are available. Tools listed include visualization and analysis tools, dumper, viewer and converter.

The HDF Group, Raytheon Riverside, NASA data centers and some other groups support most of the listed tools. Some tools are currently not supported by any groups. We still provide the source code or binaries of these tools in case interesting parties would like to use or fix them. Problems of these tools are documented.

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